7 reasons you should book a bi-weekly cleaning appointment

May 26, 2016 by quiqcleanpro

1 One Million Skin Cells Shed Daily

Get ready for a staggering fact. You lose almost a million skin cells over a 24 hour period. While most of your exfoliated cells get washed down the drain when you’re bathing, some portion of this float off and mingle with other particles to become dust. Kind of makes you want to break out the feather duster and go to town, right? Once you get on a recurring cleaning schedule, you’ll never have to think about this fact ever again.

2 Dust

Speaking of dust, dusting once a month just isn’t going to cut it. Every time you open a window or walk through the door, you stir up these small airborne particles that eventually settle all over your things. Besides human skin cells, some common sources of dust pollutants are dirt, sand, insect waste, flour, and animal dander. Dust seems to collect most visible on electronic equipment, and can cause these products to fail if not dusted frequently. Keep the dust in your home under control for a healthier and cleaner environment.

3 Pets

Your furry friends can exacerbate your dust problem and also leave their hair all over your home. Sometimes you may even wonder how your animal still has so much hair attached to it when it seems like they shed their entire coat over the course of a week. Stay on top of all the pet mess with frequent cleaning, otherwise, you may find yourself swimming in pet hair.

4 Kids

If you have kids, you’re probably not even reading this article because it’s very clear to you why a bi-weekly or weekly cleaning service is essential. You’re exhausted at the end of the day from managing your kids and working a demanding job, and the last thing you want to add to your to-do list is house cleaning. By booking a frequent cleaning service, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that the chaos in your home will be organised and cleaned twice or more a month. You’ll look forward to those cleaning dates on your calendar as a light at the end of the tunnel.

5 Soot

City dwellers know what I’m talking about. You have a closed window, but somehow the black grime sneaks its way in and dirties up the areas around your window sill. One study of soot in Midtown Manhattan found that it contained 52% diesel exhaust (from buses, trucks, and construction vehicles), and the remaining 48% was a mix of everything from ground-up car tires to sea salt. This air pollutant finds its way inside your apartment and smudges your otherwise clean space without you even being home. Since the city isn’t going to stop running buses or trucks by your window anytime soon, it’s best to get frequent cleaning to wipe the soot away.

6 The Kitchen

If you’re like me, your kitchen is the gathering spot of for friends and family, the real heart of your home. This high-traffic area deserves to get a professional cleaning at least twice a month for aesthetic, health, and safety reasons. The kitchen is one place in your home where high heat, water, electricity, and sharp objects all co-mingle closely, and the best way to maintain a safe environment is to keep it clean and organised. Also, this is the place where you prepare your food, and the best way to prevent foodborne illness is to keep your kitchen sparkling clean. I recommend using green cleaning products throughout the home, but especially in the kitchen where folks sitting on countertops may soon enter your mouth with delicious steaming payloads of pasta.

7 The Bathroom

It goes without saying that the bathroom is the germiest place in the house. Your toilet should be cleaned at least once a week for obvious reasons. Hire a cleaning service to take care of the bathroom floors and solid surfaces in the room like the shower, bathtub, sink, and countertops. This will ensure that mould does not grow on any of these surfaces and will keep this room under control.

That’s it! If you realise what a good investment a clean home is and want to get started right away, book a recurring cleaning service now. Share this article with friends and family to subtly tell your friends or siblings that they might want to clean up their act as well!