Top 5 disturbing things hotel cleaning crews see.

September 10, 2016 by quiqcleanpro

Recently there was a popular thread on Reddit focused on spilling the details of all the disturbing things that have been seen by housekeepers cleaning up hotel rooms. I put on my rubber gloves, adjusted my safety goggles, and held my nose before jumping into the 5300 comments so that I could present you with the TL;DR version of that thread.

So what disgusting things do the hotel cleaning staff have to deal with on a frequent basis? Put on your hazmat suit to read on.

#1 Shit.

Human waste (and sometimes dog and cat waste) was the most commonly reported thing that cleanup crews see. And not just a well-placed turd on the nightstand, but faeces smeared all over the rooms, walls, ceilings. It’s not possible to read the entire Reddit thread without seriously questioning what is wrong with humanity. Seriously, I could have made items 1 through 5 all about shit, but I’m collapsing them all into this single topic.

#2 Blood.

Blood is another very common sight that disturbs the hardiest of cleaning staff. Sometimes it’s the innocent blood of a woman unexpectedly getting her period, or a guy having a massive nocturnal nosebleed. Or sometimes it’s the grisly aftermath of a fight (or murder… see item 5). Regardless, the story of bloody tampons stashed in the bed is one that will leave your stomach a bit queasy.

#3 Vomit.

Hotel rooms are notoriously good places to throw a party, and with massive consumption of alcohol comes massive expulsion of vomit for some people. One cleaner quit her job when she entered a particularly trashed bathroom that somehow had vomit on the ceiling as well. Non-hotel maids chimed in with stories of their own about how they would go to a client’s home to clean and be faced with day-old vomit that wasn’t cleaned up because they knew the maid was coming the next day. Aren’t people awesome?

#4 Sexual fluids.

One of the other common uses for hotel rooms is to do the dirty deed— either alone, with one partner, or with many. One courteous gentleman told his hotel cleaner that he left her a tip on the mirror… which ended up being covered in semen. There were lots of stories about used condoms littered throughout the rooms, and one tale of inadvertently walking in on an orgy porn shoot.

#5 Dead bodies.

Sadly, hotel rooms are also frequently used as a spot to off oneself, and hotel cleaning crews are the ones to find the suicides and clean up the aftermath. There’s also the occasional murder, and one gruesome discovery often severed heads (although that guy was supposedly just defrosting them for the next day’s dissection at a cadaver lab). And sometimes older people check into hotels in order to attend crucial doctor’s appointments that they miss when they die in their sleep.