Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean and Tidy

December 15, 2016 by quiqcleanpro



Throughout college, I was known in my friend group as “The One Who Was OCD About Cleaning.” My apartment was always tidy (it was tiny, so it had to be) and much cleaner than most of the other student housing I’d encountered. Now that I’m all grown up and adulting (ha!) I still have the same reputation. Recently, one of my friends suggested I write a post about how to stay consistent with keeping your bedroom/kitchen clean and tidy, which I thought was a great idea. But I didn’t want to limit myself to those two rooms, so I’ve gone a little bigger with the tips and tricks below.

The first step it to get organised. Break down your chores into things that need to be done daily, weekly, and every so often. I’ll be sharing my breakdown at the end of this post, with a few details on each item, but first I thought it would be helpful to share some general tips that can apply throughout your house.

Set staging areas. These are areas where you’re allowed to let things pile up. I have one in my office for all the papers and things that I work through or need to get to, one on my kitchen counter for things that need to be put away or taken out of the house, and one next to my bed for random personal stuff. Having staging areas keeps the clutter from becoming chaotic. Then, each night before bed I go through and soft through all the stacks, putting everything where it belongs.

Have a drop spot by your front door. This is similar to a staging area but reserved for things that you do not need in your house. Essentially this is where you drop your keys, purse, coat, rain boots, what have you that you’ll need when you next leave the house. That way it’s all in one place and you’ll never forget where you put your keys when you’re running late. It’s helpful to have a bowl, dish, or tray of some sort along with some hooks so that things look pretty while staying organised.

Categorize. I am slightly obsessed with cube storage. That being said, this tip won’t jive with everyone. Anyways, I like to keep my cleaning supplies corralled in different storage bins based on what they clean. For example, I have a bin for bathroom cleaning items, a bin for floor cleaning materials, one for counters and surface, and one for dusting. This means that when I go to complete one chore I can pull out the bin and have everything I need.

Have a place for everything. Even if the place is a cardboard junk box, you need a location where everything belongs. I know where absolutely every item I own belongs in my house. This makes it easy to take something from one of my staging areas and put it away.

So those are my main tips. Now let’s move on to the breakdown that I mentioned earlier. I find it’s easier to keep my home looking sharp when I can add particular items to my to-do list. You’ll never see me write “cleaning” on my list. Instead, it’s specific tasks like “Windex mirrors and windows.” I find that when I break it down it’s less overwhelming and more likely to get done. Here’s my routine:


These items are things that I do every day without fail.

Make bed. I’ve gotten into the habit of doing this first thing in the morning. I love coming home to a bedroom that looks pulled together and organised, and making the bed is the most important step to achieving this.
Wipe down kitchen countertops. I’ll complete this task nightly when I’m cleaning up from dinner. I keep a box of Clorox wipes under the sink and it literally takes two seconds to pull one out and wipe down my counters, picking up any crumbs and spills along the way.
Take out the trash. My community offers valet trash service, so every evening I’ll place my trash can outside so they can take it away. If you don’t happen to have this you can move this item to the weekly list.

These items have to get done once a week. I personally find it helpful to assign each task a particular day. For example, I always do laundry on Saturdays. This way it’s only one additional thing per day, instead of an hours-long process undertaken all at once.

Sweeping & Mopping the floors
Sanitising the Bathroom
Clean Mirrors
Toss expired food
Every So Often

There are some chores that don’t need to be completed regularly. For these, I usually develop some sort of rotating schedule and write the dates in my planner so that I won’t forget about them.

Wash pillows. I do this once a month in order to keep everything sanitised and fluffy. It’s normally a 2-day process where I’ll do my pillows one day and sleep on the guest pillows that night, then wash the guest’s the next day.
Large Appliance Care. You need to regularly change your water filter, descale the coffee pot, clean the oven, and wipe down the fridge among other things. Find the timeframe that works for you and schedule it in your planner.
Organizing and Purging. Is it just me or do things tend to build up over the course of time? What once started as a perfectly organised office can turn into a cluster of insanity after a while. That’s why I sit down each month and choose one day that I dedicate to organising and cleaning out all my stuff. I’ll hit my closet, the office, my laundry room, my pantry…you get the idea. Doing this regularly keeps things from getting completely out of control and holds me accountable for actually using that really cool inflatable doughnut I bought for the beach 😉
Do you have any times for keeping your home clean and organised? Share them in the comments below!