Reputation and Building Keeping two important things Clean and Spotless

September 10, 2016 by quiqcleanpro

Whether your establishment is residential or commercial, it is prone to accumulating dust, dirt, and contamination. Cleaning is an inescapable part of the maintenance of any property.

A homeowner who has decided to make his home shipshape has two options – engage in a family cleaning operation or hire house cleaning services. Given the unqualified benefits of having a professional team of cleaners to execute the rather unsavoury task of cleaning the house, more particularly the notoriously hard to clean kitchen areas, bathrooms, and toilets, most homeowners are only too happy to hand over the responsibility. When it comes to commercial cleaning too, the preferred practice is to award a contract to an agency.

Operating Hours:

Cleaning of residences is almost invariably carried out during daylight hours unless the homeowner specifically makes a request for the work to be executed in the evening time.

The daylight hours are preferred so that once the work is completed, the residents can reoccupy the house with adequate time to prepare their meal for the evening and rest for the night.

However, the converse is true for the execution of contracts for building cleaning services which customarily commence after the closure of office hours. The workforce carries out the cleaning activity overnight and exits the property well before the commencement of office hours.

The rationale is simple. In business, time is money and, therefore, no business establishment would like to have its business hours frittered away for the purpose of cleaning that can as efficiently be carried out during the night hours.

Special Requirements:

The cleaning of a house is not subject to any licensing or regulatory standards. What is critical in a household cleaning contract is the satisfaction of the homeowner. This is not to suggest that household cleaning is not a demanding assignment.

The possibility that a homeowner may turn out to be overly fussy about the quality of work executed cannot be ruled out but there are no laid down benchmarks to be fulfilled.

However, in the case of cleaning services for business establishments, the standards of cleaning may require fulfilment of specific norms that are essential for the continued operation of the business.

The cleaning standards – usually related to health and safety – to be achieved for a hospital or a hotel or a restaurant or a laboratory, etc, are usually extremely stringent and form a part of the contract executed between the establishment and the cleaning agency.

Such stipulations form the essence of the contract, and failure to achieve the prescribed standards will tantamount to contract execution failure. The credentials of the agency to which such a contract is proposed to be awarded, therefore, need to be thoroughly evaluated to ensure that it has the capability and the track record to come good on the deliverables.


The frequency of home cleaning is generally lower because there is an element of personal consciousness about keeping the immediate surroundings clean. Generally, a professional cleaning once in every calendar quarter would suffice for the average home.

In the case of commercial establishments, the occupancy is higher not only on account of the density of the workforce per square foot but also because of the traffic of suppliers, customers, casual visitors, etc.

There is also comparatively less inclination to clean up after, because of the sentiments like ‘such things happen” and “it’s not my job”. And, then there is the matter of adherence to specified standards that are inflexible, and which the limited internal cleaning personnel may be neither qualified nor equipped to achieve. There is, therefore, a more frequent need to arrange for building cleaning services.

Service Provider:

In view of the above, it is essential to ensure that you hire the right cleaning services. Nowadays, due to the evolution of friendly apps (likeJugaad ), you can be assured that a third party assessment of such service providers is done before you hire them. If you are going through an individual contract, ensure all terms are clearly specified. Happy cleaning!