5 Tips from Reddit’s “Clean Up Your Stupid Mess” Thread

September 10, 2016 by quiqcleanpro

I read all 840 comments on this Reddit thread to aggregate tips on how to quickly and thoroughly clean your home. Reading almost 24,000 words, I waded through snark and dodged the occasional racist and sexist comment (far fewer than I had braced myself for) in order to bring you, dear reader, some helpful tips that you’d otherwise lose a few hours of your life to clean.

#1 Recommendation: Do a little bit every day.

Make it a habit. Maintenance is easier than starting fresh and having to do a big clean every week or month. If you stay on top of your cleaning by doing a few things every day, it’s much simpler to handle than letting things slide to the point of no return. Whether it’s wiping down the kitchen counter while waiting for your coffee to brew or folding laundry while you watch television, try to squeeze in at least ten minutes of cleaning each day. Soon you won’t even notice that you’ve become a cleaning machine.

#2: Get rid of stuff you don’t need.

Dump your junk. The consensus across the board was that we have too much stuff in our lives and it gets in the way. When you have things scattered across your rooms, it’s more difficult to do a quick clean. Simplify your life and enjoy the benefits of a minimalist lifestyle. Your closets will breathe a bit easier when they’re not stuffed to the gills full of stuff that you haven’t looked at in years. You probably recognise this tip from Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up.

#3: Put things away.

This makes a huge difference. Everything has a place in your home, and that’s where it should remain. As soon as you come home, hang up your jacket, stash your shoes in your closet, and put away anything you brought back with you, like groceries or items from the drugstore. Back from a long trip? Unpack and put your suitcase where it belongs, stuff your laundry in the washer and turn it on. As Nike says, Just Do It. You will notice a big improvement when you’re not looking around at items stashed willy-nilly around your home.

#4: Clean as you go.

I learned this from friend years ago, and the phrase “Clean as you go, the sign of a pro” echoes in my head whenever I’m in the midst of a complicated cooking project. While you’re in the kitchen whipping up a delicious meal, why not spend the time before dinner comes out of the oven washing all the pots, pans, knives, measuring cups, bowls and spoons you used? After your meal you can sit back and digest peacefully, knowing there’s only a handful of dishes remaining to be tackled. This same advice works outside the kitchen, too.

#5: Hire a professional house cleaner.

As someone who works for a company that connects busy people with professional cleaners, I was pleased to see this refrain noted over and over. Sometimes it’s just easier to leave it to the pros and hire a cleaning service to take care of your come. Life is increasingly busy, and if you’re not up to learning the nuances of keeping your house clean, you can hire professionals to do it for you. We’ve already covered seven reasons to hire a cleaning service on a recurring basis.

These are the highlights from my Reddit cleaning tip adventure. Share this article with friends and family if you found the information useful. And if you’re ready to book a professional cleaning service now to help tackle your own mess, we can help with that.