15 ways to make money online.

November 29, 2016 by quiqcleanpro

It hurts me to see youths wasting their time complaining that the Government is not providing jobs for the masses and they leave themselves idle, looking for people to provide for their needs.
We do not know that we have the capacity to become our own boss and be able to make decisions without working for other people. All we need to become an entrepreneur is in our hands.
Many of us have smartphones, tablets and computers but all we use them for is to visit unnecessary sites and yet we complain that we don’t have money.
Thank God for the internet that makes life worth living. With the internet you can earn a living from the comfort of your home, all you need to start making money online is your smartphone or your tablet or your computer, internet, your willingness, your time and patience.
15 ways of making money online

(1) Become an Amazon Associate:

To become successful as an Amazon associate, you need a blog or a website that has a lot of traffic and it is a search engine friendly site. The first thing you need to do is to signup with Amazon Associate then you login to your Amazon Associate account and add the links of any products from your Amazon Associate account to your blog or website, whenever anyone clicks on the Amazon ads you placed on your site, they would be directed to your Amazon Associate account, if anyone buys any product from your Amazon Associate account, you would be paid commission for the product purchased.

(2) Write an e-book:

Writing an e-book will not only bring you money but also make you famous. You ca write an e-book on any topic but if you want to make real money you have to write on topics that are trending. When you are done writing then you can publish your e-book online without spending a dime. You can publish your e-book on popular sites like Amazon.com and your e-book will get sufficient exposure.
Keep in mind that content is key, make sure your contents are relevant and your cover page is attractive. You can share the link of your book over social media to get people informed about your new release. This will make your e-book to be sold quickly.

(3) You-tube:

Making money from Youtube is easy. The first thing you need to do is to create a Google account and you can now upload your videos. In order to drive traffic to watch your Youtube videos make sure that your videos are interesting and you ensure that you upload your videos frequently.
Monetize your videos so that people can watch ads. Monetizing your videos with Google Adsense is easy, all you need to do is to sign-up with Google AdSense and you are set for collecting money. To get more exposure, you can share your videos via social medias.

(4) Buying and selling Domain names: Domain business is a lucrative business. You can buy a domain name for as low as $5 and sell it for $1000, which is a huge profit for your investment.

when purchasing a domain name ensure that it is search engine friendly, ensure it contains keywords that are frequently searched for. Choose a domain name that is related to your niche. You can buy domain names from godaddy, flippa.com.

(5) Freelancer:

Do you have any service you can offer to others? Can you render services on; computer programming, writing Articles and reports, voicing, social media expert, traffic generation, internet marketing, blogging, Affiliate marketing, graphic design, video editing, web design and development, consultant services, proofreading e-book, donations, video marketing and many more. Sites you can sign-up as a freelancer are:
* Elance
* fiverr
* freelancer
* Odesk
* GigMe5
* Dollar3 and many more…..
(6) Design mobile applications:

This is one of the highly paid online jobs. As a mobile app designer you have to be creative and be familiar with the process of designing mobile applications. You should be able to design unique mobile applications. Good sites you can submit your mobile applications:
* Teksocial
* The daily app show
* MliPadApps
you can also advertise your apps on social medias.

(7) Blogging:

First thing is to get a niche .ie. blog about something that you are passionate about .ie. fashion, entertainment, sport, games and so on. Second thing is that you should be able to communicate your passion in writing. Ensure that your blog’s contents are original not copy and paste from someone else’s site and ensure that the contents are relevant.
Then you can place ads on your blog from different advertisers so that you can earn a living from your blog. Those advertisers would pay you when a visitor clicks on their ads that was placed on your blog. Some advertising you can sign-up for:

* Google Adsense
* Yahoo publishing Network
* Revenue hits
* Bidvertiser
* Chikita
* Clicksor
* Infolink

(8) Affiliate marketing:

You can join affiliate programs and you would be paid commission for selling their products. List of affiliate programs you can join for free:
* Commission junction
* Clickbank
* Amazon associates
* ebay
* Google Affiliate Network

(9) Taking surveys:

Get paid for giving your own opinion about a product or service by taking surveys. Earnings from survey sites is one of the most demandable online jobs these days, but there are many survey sites that are proven to be scams, so when choosing survey sites make sure you make research on those sites. Examples of some legit survey sites:

* Toluna
* Cashcrate
* Vindale research
* Global Test Market
* ipoll
* Zoom panel

(10) Designing websites:

If you are a professional graphic designer you can simply register for short courses to become a professional website designer, which will be an added advantage to your profession and also aid in making money for you from your home. Small and corporate companies hire freelance designer to design logos and websites for them. Website designers are usually paid well.

(11) Sell your images:

Are you a photographer orcan you make images? You can sell your photos online and make your money. Some sites you can signup with to sell your Images:

* Shutterstock
* istockphoto
* Dreamstime
* clutershot
* snap village
* futolia
* Stock expert

(12) Reading emails:

You can get paid from your place of comfort by reading emails. All you need is your time and efforts for you to get a considerable pay. Some sites you can sign-up with:

* Donkeymails.com
* Inboxdollars.com
* Youromail.com
* Getpaid5Times.com
* Emailcashpro.com
* MoneyInMail.com

(13) Answering questions:

You can get paid for answering questions or giving advice. Some sites that pays you for answering questions:

* Guruza
* Small biz advice
* Answer Gen
* Live person
* Chacha
*Just answer
* Know brainers

(14) Social Networks:

Join a social network for free and get paid for distributing their services. Some social networks that you can join.

* My Likes
* Mag Pie
* Ximmy
* FriendSwin
* Budiz
* Flixya
* MyViewin
* Sponsored Tweets

(15) Provide local service as self-employed:

* Plumbing for local homes and developers.

* Electrician service

* Home/Office Cleaning.

* Laundry & Dry cleaning.

* Beauty service

* Photography/Videographer